Welcome to the Virtual Challenge Meets™ !!

My name is Chuck Thompson...I am the Owner and Director of the Virtual Challenge Meets


Seven years ago, I developed a system for running entire invitational academic practice meets virtually...no travel costs, no meal costs, no getting up in the wee hours on Saturday morning to drive a yellow-hammer across our great state to compete...the Virtual Challenge Meet concept allows for maximum flexibility, minimal costs and MUCH greater competition in that you will be competing with schools your size from all across the state.

The High School Virtual Challenge Meets offer unlimited entries in the following 10 events:

  • Number Sense
  • Calculator
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Current Events
  • Social Studies
  • Literary Criticism
  • Spelling
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting

The tests are made available to you several days prior to the posted date of the Meet and you can administer them anytime you see fit, grade them and report your team's scores on this Virtual Challenge Meet website by the posted date of the meet, by the midnight deadline.

Starting the 2015-2016 Season, a new component was added to the Virtual Meet Experience, The Middle School Addition...The Middle School Addition will operate using the same basic format, except we will be using a 3-week Testing Window for added flexibility.

The Middle School Virtual Challenge Meets offer unlimited entries in the following 16 events:

  • Number Sense (4-6)
  • Number Sense (7-8)
  • Calculator (5-8)
  • Mathematics (5-8)
  • Science I (5-7)
  • Science II (8)
  • Spelling (5-6)
  • Spelling (7-8)
  • Listening Skills (5-6)
  • Listening Skills (7-8)
  • Dictionary Skills (5-6)
  • Dictionary Skills (7-8)
  • Social Studies (5-6)
  • Social Studies (7-8)
  • Maps, Graphs & Charts (5-6)
  • Maps, Graphs & Charts (7-8)

The Results for all Virtual Challenge Meets will then be tabulated and posted on the website and/or emailed out within minutes.  We have developed a Certificate Generator which generates 1,000's of Award Certificates for each Meet and emails them directly to each school where you can print them off.

Some schools test as they can fit it in throughout the testing window, some schools have their students all meet after school or on Saturday morning as a team to take them or an additional option that I think is the best of both worlds is to get together with 2-3 schools in your close proximity and have a little "mini-meet"...that way students are still in a competitive environment, you have additional graders, no tabbing, no costs and still get to compete with schools across the State.  Which option you choose is entirely up to you and your team, whatever works best for you and your team.

In last year's four regular season HS Virtual Challenge Meets alone, over 350 different schools competed and over 22,000 student tests were taken and their scores posted.

Even more exciting is the fact that in 2015, in the ten events we offer, 30 out of the 60 Individual State Champions, and 37 out of the 60 Team Event State Champions competed in the Virtual Challenge Meets, including 220 Top 3 Medalists (Team & Individual).
Additionally, 9 of the top 15 Overall Academic Teams (the Top 3 Teams in each of the five Classes) competed in the Virtual Challenge Meets.

I believe that the key to having a quality and successful academic meet is that you must have two things:

GREAT TESTS and GREAT COMPETITION and we think you will find we have both...

The VCM tests are written by former UIL State Directors, current UIL State Directors (in different events), State Champion Academic coaches and university professors that have repeatedly answered the charge of providing top quality academic tests that will emulate the UIL tests in design, depth, and difficulty.  Combine that with the tremendous state-wide competition that is continuing to grow and I feel like VCM has the components in place to provide you and your team the best training experience possible.

I have tried to make the cost for the Virtual Challenge Meets very affordable to maximize the number of schools being able to participate. The more schools play, the better the competition and the more valuable the competition is to your kids.  

The HS Entry Fee for each Meet is:

$180 total/meet for unlimited entries for all ten events. 

However, most of our schools choose the "Season Ticket" package deal...all 4 Regular Season Virtual Meets, the Virtual Regional Qualifiers' Meet and the Virtual State Qualifiers' Meet...all for only  $450.  That is 6 Meets for less than what 3 would cost.  So,  if you buy the Season Ticket and become a certified Virtual Challenge Meet VIP School, at a minimum you are getting 60 tests throughout the year, plus the chance to compete with hundreds of schools across the State.  

Finally, once you have joined us for the Season Ticket of Virtual Meets once, you will forever qualify for the "$100 off Loyalty Discount" on all future Season Tickets...unlike your cable company, I believe in giving the best price to the loyal, returning teams, not one-time discounts to attract the new schools.

I hope offering the Virtual Challenge Meets for such a low cost will result in more schools being able to participate, which is better for your kids as they prepare for District, Regional and State competition.

So, thank you in advance for helping us spread the word and I hope you will join us in this endeavor. 

Interested coaches are asked to e-mail me at:

virtualchallengemeets@gmail.com or cthompson1313@gmail.com

You can also call or text me at (940) 782-9898

I look forward to hearing from you so I can add you to our contact list, answer any questions and keep everyone informed.

Thanks again!

Chuck Thompson (The Commish)